Shirqat IDPs Situation


Report about Shirqat IDPs


25 July 2016

Baiji – Salahaddin province

Republic of Iraq



Current Relief Efforts

Since the beginning of July within the intensification of the battles at Shirqat/Nineveh governorate, thousands of civilians were forced to flee towards the city of Tikrit /Salahaddin governorate in which more than five thousand families has been displaced and were distributed at the public buildings, schools and some structures of homes, while the other of them get to their relatives. On the boundaries between Mosul and Tikrit there is a camp has been established to receive displaced people who travel for long distances so that to reach to safe areas. And due to the continued fighting, these numbers may be rises. Omar Abdurrahman one of the displaced people, describing the situation of the displaced like so difficult, and he adds that at the difficult security situation in the city of Shirqat and its surrounding villages, many families has displaced toward remote areas from battle, and there are many other families that may displaced from other areas.

ISF are following new procedures for receiving the IDPs from Shirqat which are as follows:

  • ISF give an "entry badge" for each women with her children as a family, this badge allow them to pass the check points and move to Tikrit or any other area in Salahaddin without any security screening , the badge contain name of the woman and list of names of her children .
  • Men should wait to go through the normal screening process, and then they can join their family.

This procedure required from (24 – 48) hours, but this procedure not be effective, because a section of the women they want to stay in the simple camp inside of Alhijaj silo without going to Tikrit city and other wants to keep inside the silo until the completion of the security screening for their husbands and then later go with him to Tikrit city.




According to the statistics show that until 16th July 2016, the total number of IDPs that reach to Salahaddin province from Shirqat, Qayyarah, Hatra and Hawija cities is (4756) family and (12485) person. 81% of them have settled in Tikrit city in a rented houses, unfinished buildings, schools and shops, (8%) went towards of southern Baiji villages, (5%) in Alalam city (eastern of Tikrit city) and the remainder traveled toward Erbil, Kirkuk and Baghdad cities.



Current Relief Efforts

Several international and local organization including our organization work to provide relief assistance to IDPs, within the organizations worked are (Save the Children, Muslim Aid, Iraqi Red Crescent Society, WFP, UNICEF, UNFPA and IRC), but these organization didn't access to the level of crisis, it has been unable to meet all the requirements, most of these organizations have worked to meet food needs and has been able somewhat to cover (80%) from the IDP's need of food, but the rest needs such as NFI, health, legal and other material not any organization work to meet such needs, some of complementary items such as ice to cool drinking water and dinnerware are not available.




Current IDPs' Need

The IDPs need to emergency needs to following:

1.   Household items, for basic furnishing of their new place.

2.   Clothes, the IDPs were left their clothes during the displacement and they could not carry except the simple part to the fact that the distances that walking during displacement is too long  

3.   WASH kits and works

4.   Health primary Care

5.   Cash money to purchase their private needs


And need in the next two months to following:

1.   Job creation and employment programs

2.   Psychological and social centers

3.   Legal clinics




Photos from Crises


Photo Describes the preparation of large displaced in Alhijaj Silo and they are under the scorching sun rays that reached temperatures of 50° C


Numbers of displaced people in the desert of Shirqat city when they arrive to the security forces and isolate women from men


They displaced queues waiting to receive food – Alhijaj Silo


Child screaming in pain from the wounds that have infected her fingers when displacement



Numbers of IDPs in Al-Qadisiyah residential compound in Tikrit city and is awaiting the arrival of relief aid



unhealthy drinking water is used by children in Alhijaj silo