Iraqi Public Sector

Since the founding of SEDO there was a working relationship with government institutions through the provision of services of all kinds such as training, consulting, audit, studies and accounts preparing and seminars, those government departments that there was a deal closely with them:
  • Agriculture Department of Salahaddin:
Training (14) department director about manage the greenhouses.
  • Salahaddin Government:
Provide consulting, financial and accounting services.
  • Salahaddin Investment Commission:
Preparation of a feasibility study of the establishment of Salahuddin International Airport, which was submitted to the Iraqi Council of Ministers for approval of the study.
  • Salahaddin Court of Appeals:
Provide financial audit services.
  • Salahaddin integrity Commission:
Provide financial auditing services.
  • Iraqi Agricultural Bank:
Preparation of feasibility studies for some of the projects presented by some of the farmers in the province in order to provide loans.
  • Salahaddin Tourism Directorate:
Study the reality of the tourism sector in the province and provide solutions to improve the reality of tourism.
  • Directorate of employment:
Provide data on the number of unemployed, them contact informations and their addresses in order to provide loans to them in addition to providing financial and management consulting.
  • Directorate of Salahaddin Education:
The establishment of seminars about the reality of education.